Fireplace wood

Fireplace wood of hardwood such as beech, hornbeam, oak, ash and birch wood separately. The company offers chopped dry wood chamber dried with 15-25% of humidity, and raw, packed in boxes 1.0×1.0x2,0m; 1,0×1,0x1,80m; 1,0×1,1×1, 9m of 1.8 and 2 RM. And the net of 10, 12 and 15kg on demand, on a pallet (100-75 nets).

Our products meet all European requirements and technological standards. Wood for export is of various sizes. Total length of wood may be 25cm, 30 (33)cm, 50cm, in thickness chopped firewood should be from 8 to 15cm or more, with the consent of the buyer, i.e. on demand, chopped birch firewood may be of different size, according to the state standards wood of defined size is not allowed and may be of different sizes both in length and width.