Finished products

Flooring board

We offer flooring board made of pine, spruce. Natural, environmentally friendly material made of coniferous wood. Only natural raw materials are the key to massive environmental board. The absence of harmful chemicals in the material is a guarantee of health and excellent well-being. It has heat and noise insulation properties. The front side has a smooth surface that does not require additional processing. On the ends there is a “thorn-groove” system, which provides tight fixation while installing. The material thickness allows restoring the front surface. It is used for the floor covering, followed by lacquering and painting. Thickness of the flooring boards is from 20mm to 50mm, width – from 80m to 140mm, length to 6000mm; moisture of flooring boards is 10 ± 2%.


Paneling is a perfect environmentally friendly material, widely used for interior walls covering of rooms, verandas, balconies and saunas. When processing saunas and baths it is appropriate to use wall paneling of hardwood trees as in conditions of high humidity they don’t change their structure and are longliving. Pine wall paneling is suitable for any premises. For external surface covering coniferous and aspen paneling is used, for interior covering – coniferous and hardwood trees. Accordingly, 18mm thick paneling is used outside, 12 – 16mm thick paneling – inside the premises. Paneling size is from 12 – 25mm, width – 70 – 150mm, length – 6000mm, moisture content – 10 – 16%.

Log Siding

Log Siding is one of the most modern ecologically clean materials which is used for inner and outer house, sauna etc. decorating.
Log siding creates an imitation of a cylindered log.
Our log siding is made of high-quality selected wood, that allows to produce certain log siding panels of high-quality and excellent geometry. The material is dried in professional drying chambers, processed with modern manufacturing equipment.
Using log siding you may cover a house, a foam-block or monolithic concrete house.

Log siding characteristics:
• material – pine, spruce;
• connection type – thorn-groove;
• thickness – 22-42mm;
• width – 90-195mm;
• length – 2-6m;
• moisture – 12 ± 2%.